All of our products are vegan and gluten-free.

Everything is handmade, crafted with care one by one.

The only additive we use is aluminum-free baking powder.

These are rare natural sweets even in Japan.

*For those with allergies, please contact our store.


Ice Cream

vegan glutenfree

Single JPY550

Double JPY750

★In the case of a double, the bottom will be a larger size and the top will be a smaller size. Choose which flavor you want to be larger or smaller.

  • Rum & Raisin  〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉
  • Roasted green tea & Brown Sugar Cookies (+ JPY100) 〈Allergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Strawberry 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉
  • Pistachio (+ JPY100) 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉
  • Berry Rare Cheesecake 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉
  • Strawberry Sherbet 〈Allergy:nothing〉
  • Bitter Chocolate & Chocolate Chips 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉
  • Tiramisu 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond、Apple〉
  • Salt Vanilla 〈Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut〉


★The types of ice cream change regularly.

★The photos include items not currently in the lineup.

Ice Cookie Sandwich

vegan glutenfree


  • StrawberryAllergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Matcha Allergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Vanilla & Chocolate ChipsAllergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Rum & RaisinsAllergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Chocolate MintAllergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Pistachio Chocolate Coating
    (+ JPY130)Allergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Chocolate & Almond Chocolate Coating
    (+ JPY130)Allergy:Soy beans、Cashew nut、Almond〉


vegan glutenfree

  • Chestnut cream cake Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond、Apple、Walnut〉
  • Matcha tiramisuAllergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond、Apple〉
  • Cafe ChocolatAllergy:Soy beans、Almond、Apple〉
  • NEW Organic Lemon and Earl Grey Rare Cheesecake Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Matcha tiramisuAllergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond、Apple〉
  • NEW Blueberry Custard TartAllergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond〉
  • Vanilla puddingAllergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond〉

★The photos include items not currently in the lineup.

Birthday Cake

vegan glutenfree


By appointment only

Please make a reservation at least 1 week before the delivery date 

①Seasonal fruit & Cream Cake JPY7000~
②Chocolate Cream Cake JPY7000~
(You can choose with or without fruit)
③Matcha Cream Cake JPY7000~
(You can choose with or without fruit)
④Chocolate Crunch Cheesecake JPY6000~

⑤Classic Chocolat JPY6000~
Chestnut Cream Cake JPY7000~
⑦Special Order Cakes

diameter 12 cm JPY6000~
diameter 15 cm JPY9000~


Please contact the store for details.

All cakes come with a message plate.

You can choose your message.

photo by ①Seasonal fruit & Cream Cake


Cookie Assortment

vegan glutenfree

The contents have been renewed!


Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond、〉


Almond powder (manufactured in the USA), rice flour, beet sugar, rice oil, potato starch, organic soy milk, organic maple syrup, raisin jam (raisins, beet sugar, liqueur), raisins, chocolate (cocoa butter, organic maple syrup, cashew nuts, sea salt), almonds, apricot jam (apricots, beet sugar), matcha, raspberry jam (raspberries, beet sugar, lemon juice, liqueur), organic coconut flakes, organic coconut powder, liqueur, raspberry powder (freeze-dried raspberries, beet sugar), vanilla extract, sea salt / aluminum-free baking powder (contains almonds, cashew nuts, and soybeans)



Vegan Butter Sandwich

vegan glutenfree

※Sales are currently discontinued.

5 Pieces JPY3300

    Pizza Rolls

    vegan glutenfree

    1Pieces JPY780

    Allergy:Soy beans、cashew nut、Almond、〉

    Daily Cookies

    vegan glutenfree


    Please ask the staff about the lineup on the day

    Activated Nuts

    vegan glutenfree

    Normal JPY1100

    Allergy:Walnut、cashew nut、Almond、〉

    Basil JPY1300

    Allergy:Walnut、cashew nut、Almond、〉